From: Superhero Training, HQ
Week of June 6th, 2016

Dear beloved Superhero,

WE LOVE YOU! And we’re here to support you.

So please read carefully so you receive all of the wonderful updates.

Superhero Training Upgrades Summer 2016

When we started Superhero Training in 2008 we had all kinds of weird and wonderful ideas on how we could best support you. Some of them worked great – others worked for some people – and other ideas didn’t work at all.

The important thing is we’re willing to TRY things and see what sticks and what works. That’s how life works and things evolve and grow. Nothing we think works exactly as we intended – so we need to LIVE AND LEARN. (This is good advice for almost everything).

What does this mean for you?

In essence, certain things we used to promote in Superhero Training are being RETIRED (Removed) and other things are being ADDED. Out with the old – in with the new. It’s the wonderous flow of life.

Read closely so you understand what’s going on.

Here’s a list of all the things we’re ADDING for you.

♥ 1. The Superhero 9 Stages of Freedom

The Superhero Training is not just a bunch of stuff thrown together. It’s an extremely powerful, step-by-step adventure into your freedom and true power. To help you fully master each step, we’ve REORGANIZED the whole training into 9 stages. This means you can move at your own pace, and stay as long as you need in each step along the way. To get the most from Superhero Training, it’s essential to go deep, not fast! There is no race. Go deep. Really make the shifts – and then – when you’re ready – move forward onto the next stage.

You can see the 9 Stages here (and listen to an audio where we explain the 9 stages.)


♥ 2. Brand New Sessions!

Throughout Superhero Training, we’ve added some new audios, videos and other sessions to make each stage even more potent. You’ll have to go through it to see what’s new. Some of the things are totally new, others are subtle upgrades. Either way, everything we’ve done is designed to take you to the next level of joy, synchronicity, abundance and magic.

Some of the upgrades include: Superhero Daily Practices & Letting Go Deeper. Go for it.

♥ 3. Superhero PRACTICE & QUIZ

The MAIN thing is to PRACTICE what you learn. Without practice, it’s all just fluff and hot air. With practice, magic happens – with ease and grace. To make sure you’re actually doing the practice – we’ve added Quizzes after each session so you have our loving accountability to really do the practices. This will help you understand the practices better and also inspire you to really go for it. Enjoy!

Make sure you have your Superhero Daily Practices set up (once you reach stage 3, or set them up now if you haven’t and you’ve been in Superhero Training more than a few weeks).

Click here to review session 3 and set up your daily practices.

♥ 4. New Meditations from Arielle

We’ve had some requests for this. Throughout the training you will find guided meditations from Arielle. These will support you going deep into yourself. Feel free to use these or any of our other guided meditations in your daily practice. You will also find some videos and audios from Arielle, bringing a deep and loving perspective to what you’re learning and experiencing. Arielle’s presence is newer in the Superhero Training, and we’ve asked her to come and share her spiritual wisdom and practical insights.

♥ 5. Superhero Weekly Reflection CHECK INS.

Each week we encourage you to reflect on your week, your experiences/realizations and tell us how you’re doing. We’re here to listen and support you. This weekly check-in is a wonderful support to have extra accountability. Check-ins are 10 minutes long and will be with the lovely Kathy at this time. This is a rare gift we are offering you, and we know of ZERO other companies that give this level of support. Take advantage of this blessing and receive the level of support we all require to make real, permanent changes.

Weekly Reflection Check-Ins are for current and new superheroes.
To schedule your check-ins, email:, Subject Line: SHT Weekly Check-in

If you’re a graduate re-going through the training, you can sign up to receive all of this support again. (See below).

♥ 6. Superhero MENTORS.

This means you’ll work with the NEW Superheroes offering your experience, blessings and wisdom to help them on their journey. This is a mutually supportive relationship. You gain benefit by serving others and realizing how far you’ve come. They benefit from your experience. It’s all good. This can be likened to ‘sponsors’ in 12-step type of groups. It’s about being there for someone else and in this win-win situation you flourish by helping, and they flourish by receiving.
This is going to REPLACE Accountability Partners. (More on that below).
Here is a link to Apply to become a Superhero Mentor.
(Remember, this is only for you if you’ve completed the entire training and feel you’ve embodied the wisdom and are ready to be there for a new superhero).

♥ 7. More Coming Soon (keep an eye out for updates)



1. Ongoing Updates To The Training

When you join Superhero Training, you get 9 months of live calls and support. You also get ongoing updates to the main Superhero Training, for FREE! Most courses will charge you for the new upgrades – but we don’t because we’re cool like that. If you have any technical questions or log-in problems – feel free to reach out at and we’ll help you out. Go ahead and study the program again – and go deep!

If you want ongoing personal support, live calls, magic session, etc. – then you’ll need to talk with us and make a small payment to get ongoing support. We do this because it takes time and money for us to offer this personal support and we can’t offer that ongoing for free. See Update #3 below!

2. OPTIONAL Bonus: Superhero Coaching Training

We’ve added a complete course on how to be a high paid live coach. This is not part of the main Superhero Training, so if you want to be a coach – then contact us and we’ll let you know how to access it.


Personal support is available for the first 9 months after you join Superhero Training. After that, you can re-activate your live calls and other support if you want to. If you’re wanting to continue getting all the personal support we offer then let’s have a chat – and we’ll let you know how that works and give you a very special price to re-activate all your support.



Frankly, some things just don’t work as planned. Here are some of the things we’re removing (or upgrading)

1. Old Mastermind Groups

While some of you have had success in mastermind groups – many have not. WHY? Most people are not actually ready for a mastermind group. It takes a high level of commitment and also a high level of ability to give, give, give for masterminds to work. Many Superheroes joined them too early and were not ready to make it work – so we are DISBANDING all mastermind groups for the time being. Of course if you want to meet up socially to say HI and share – then GREAT. But that’s not a mastermind group, that’s a social group which is wonderful for other reasons and if you just want to meet up and connect – then feel free!

2. Old Accountability Partners

This has huge potential for benefit or disaster depending on the people involved.
The truth is that accountability is a ONE way thing in most cases. If you need accountability, then you need someone who is STABLE and can help you. If you need help, you can’t really help them. It simply doesn’t work to have 2 people who need each other to be able to fully show up for each other – and so we are REMOVING THIS and replacing it with Superhero Mentors – which is far more grounded and powerful.
If you have an accountability situation that really works – then stay with it.
Otherwise, either:
1. Set up Accountability as we suggest here:

2. Get a Superhero Mentor: