Masters Level

Super-Charge Your Life and Mission

Take Your Superhero Training Adventure To A Whole New Level

INTRO: Superhero Masters Level - 7 Keys to Success

by Michael Mackintosh

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times

Bruce Lee

Why Become A Superhero Master?

You came here into this world for a reason. You’ve already experienced breakthroughs in your life. Now’s your chance to take it deeper and go to the next level. 

Superhero Masters Level is a new opportunity exclusively for Superhero Graduates who want to go to the next level. When you become a Superhero Master, you get exclusive access to special advanced trainings and to all the Superhero Training support, LIVE calls and other personal help so you can super-charge your manifestations powers.

This is your chance to take things deeper, re-commit to yourself and upgrade your life and work. We also encourage you to re-experience the Superhero Training, but from a new perspective – a master’s perspective. And this time, you’ll become a master Superhero.

Many people find that going through the program the second (or third) time is a whole new experience. They can take in things at a much higher level and experience far greater shifts and levels of power than the first time. When you re-activate you will feel the ‘rush’ you got when you first began and start making far more impressive and powerful shifts in your life.

You can re-commit to your spiritual practice so you feel the bliss and magic. You can upgrade your health so you have more energy and start glowing so bright people comment on how much you’ve changed. By going deeper, you get closer and closer to mastery and make the miraculous happen.

Chances are, you’ve barely even scratched the surface yet. Take this chance to really go for it and make magic happen.

Re-Activate Your Superhero Adventure And Enjoy A New Life With New Levels of Success, Wealth & Freedom 

Here’s what you get…

NEW 12 Months Full Support & Live Calls

Get exclusive access to all the NEW live calls. You can ask questions, get coaching, share with others and be held accountable to actualize your next adventure into greatness. These calls are your connection to the Superhero family and the energy to make things happen. The more you use these calls the more power you will receive. It’s a golden opportunity to connect, share, ask and listen. Much of the magic occurs through osmosis – simply being connected. Enjoy!


NEW Personalized 1-on-1 sessions with our team

You are unique and you need specific things to make your life awesome. Our team is here to help you break free from your challenges, go to the next level and wake up inspired about your life. When you re-activate your adventure you can connect with our team 4+ times.


NEW How to Become a High Paid Coach Training

Want to become a life coach? This complete training gives you all the info you need to become a life-coach and get started now. It’s taken over 10 years coaching to learn all these essential skills. Once you know this you’ll be able to create powerful transformation in your clients and get paid very well. This is a powerful brand new training for those who re-activate.

NEW Weekly Checkins & Accountability

Perhaps the biggest challenge is simply DOING what we need to do! Every week is either just a monotonous drag or it’s an amazing adventure. It’s up to YOU how amazing you want your life to be. Each week you have an opportunity to make a massive breakthrough. And this is easy to experience when you have accountability and support along the way. As part of your support you also get to be held accountable by our team. This means you set up time to do your weekly reflection – and then tell us what’s up. We will help you keep moving forward and making things happen.

NEW Connecting YOU with the best people

The Superhero Training has a huge wealth of great people. We can connect you with those who are most aligned with you and your goals so you can receive high-quality friendships and support and make some great contacts. Tell us more about you and we’ll connect you! This can change your life in a beautiful, meaningful way.

NEW Advanced Mastermind Groups

When you become a Superhero Master we will put you together with other like-minded Superheroes who want to be part of a next generation mastermind group. These new groups are for those who have similar ideas and skills and want to bring projects to life. There is an effective way and an ineffective way of making it happen. If you’d love the support and accountability to go deep and keep moving forward then you’ll love this!

NEW What is REALLY going on? Discover the nature of ‘Reality’

Life is NOT what it appears to be. In fact, how things look to you right now is mostly an illusion. If you’re ready to play at a higher level and want to discover the magic behind all appearance, you’ll love this brand new experience. This is NOT for beginners. Go deep. Discover the hidden power behind all things.

NEW How to Write and Publish a Book in 60 Days or Less

You have a book inside of you! With this course, we make it super-easy and fun for you to get it written and published – in 60 days or less. This powerful training allows you to destroy writer’s block and activate your creative genius. We’ve used this method to publish multiple best-selling books with ease and grace. Get started! Share your gifts!

How To Become A Superhero Master?

Schedule Your Activation Session

Set up a time to chat with one of our team about your life, goals, dreams and how we can support you best. You can also talk about payment options with us on the call.